Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion is a disease.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of Spontaneous Combustion (SC), you are not alone and you can seek help.

People Against Spontaneous Combustion (PASC) offers counseling, support and resources to cope with this sad and explosive condition.

In a recent survey 13.3% of respondents in 3 metropolitan areas reported having had some experience with SC.

3 things to watch out for if you suspect someone might combust:

* Profuse sweating and frantic agitation

* High on drugs or alcohol

* A strong smell of volatile organic fumes

If you see someone showing these signs, do not take them to a hospital but a wide open space away from windows and people. The PASC-force handbook recommends to wait 4 hours and have the victim meditate and lower heart rate to reduce the vacuolic impregantion of adipose cells with metabolic esters. Emergency treatment of water and insulin can be delivered and combustion abated but only if your response is immediate.

You CAN make a difference and together we can protect our brothers, sisters, drummers and musicians of every sort keep rocking in the real world.

For information about Spontaneous Combustion and the PASC hotline please visit:


Contact contact@jonathanleonard.com