Chapter 1. Red Shift


A statement must be made on the order of events that has been known to occur, but are without proper organization and credibility. Such that may follow is an unordered gathering of information related to incidences purported beyond the terran solar system and therefore outside human history.

Before any information is disclosed, it should be warned that by reading this document you will be exposed to theories that are illegal and contaminating. It should be with sufficient warning that the reader proceed further and only after proper review destroy the copy or file. Any objections to what this document contains are futile since the identity of its author is unknown.

Chapter 1. Red Shift

Log Entry *CO6917DHARMONT.21701123.083245*
CHECKSUM: 79370e50efc5c8bdbd3b09799f75a01b

Log Response *SA0001.21720514.120388*
MESSAGE SERIAL NUMBER: SA0001.21720514.120388.0T

Unknown Radio Transmission (#):

"What do you think it means"?

"I have no idea. They have never sent anything like that before."

"Does it seem like the message is corrupted?"

"It definitely seems like. Seems like its corrupted yes."

"And the checksum has failed, what does that mean?"

"Well, it, it. It means the fucking file integrity is fucking compromised is what it means."

"How does that precisely happen, out here? Do you want some lemonade?"

"No I'm fine, it makes me more than a little nervous that it took them 2 years to reply and that the checksum has failed."

"What are we supposed to do when this happens?"

"Its fucking outrageous. The protocol says that unless the checksum passes, to disregard anything the message contains. Here take a look at the models file."

"What is that a schematic of?"

"Some kind of engine I think. Or telescope."

"Can you send it to my account?"

"Of course. I don't like the looks of this one bit. After waiting so long to hear from them. They send us some incomplete message and diagrams for things clearly not on the equipment manifest."

"They always assume we have so much spare time."

"If we weren't asleep for so much of it we would have alot of spare time."

"Did we get any messages from Patrick?"

"Yes, in fact they are sleeping by now, but he expects them to be on time."

"Wish I could say the same for us."

"Don't drink all of that I think I'm fucking thirsty now."

"Can we go through the material together instead of being hermits?"

"Sure we can. Fucking hell theres about 9 hours left. Should be enough to make some kind of decision."

"What does protocol say we do?"

"Ok enough with the testing now I'm a little freaked out. You are the senior officer so you send the message."

"I just want to make sure you understand the protocol. Protocol says we send them a checksum failure. They have to send again."

Log Entry *CO6917DHARMONT.21720514.085531*
MESSAGE CHECKSUM FAILED ON SA0001.21720514.120388.0T
CHECKSUM: 725fdab22d78d989a1b88550e3ebb418


Text from recurring dream since childhood:
Dear Eric, when I met your father we were working together on a deep space remote assignment. We were both professionals who were trained in planetary survey. At one point we thought we were stranded and would never see earth again. We never had strong feelings for each other on a personal level, but after thorough review we decided to have a child. It was to my horror that we recieved the order to meet with another ship after making that decision. At the time, it was considered fatal for mother and child to enter long term induced stasis. We were sent new instructions that explained how to adapt the session monitor for having a child. We were very nervous and upset that we would be asked to attempt this, but apparently it was the only way to get back for another 183 years. The mission plan assumed we would complete our engineering objectives and return on the quickest trajectory. Ironically it's because of complications like this that scouts are prohibited from fraternizing. Please understand that our reasons for having you were because we thought our lives and connection to earth and earth culture was gone and our careers with UMC forfeit. We were faced with the choice of leading solitary or shared lives. Your father and I met like this and eventually discovered feelings of warmth and mutual acceptance. With that said we need to tell you something else that may be confusing and difficult to understand. After your conception we received orders to meet with another UMC ship to return back to earth. We tried explaining our situation, but the message delay was drastic due to our great distance. We reprogramed the session server to include your profile and left on a 13 month trip to rendevous with a UMC scout mother in another system. When we came out of stasis we were overwhelmed with relief that you were still intact and viable. The mother ship confirmed our new heading and we corrected course to immediately intercept. We approached what we thought was a UMC ship with a standard ID and encrypted key. Your father thought to capture some photographs and get a profile of our saviour ship. We placed the pictures on our largest monitor and were frozen with dread at what we saw. It was clearly at the intercept location but all we could discern was a dark grey body with uncountable projections. I couldn't breath and was near vomiting as I was pregnant but your father without saying a word entered a new heading. Neither one of us had any doubt that our mortal lives were in danger. I hope you don't think we were crazy or made some kind of mistake, but we had reason to believe we were manipulated and our secure session capability lost. We can't say for sure what it was since we never got close enough to find out. They did not pursue us but sent several messages on the compromised key asking for an explanation and then a resignation from any further UMC obligation or liability. If you find a hardcopy of this message, we left a copy of our survey database, and logs in a decaying orbit around Tannus Moon IV, in the Forrstein nebular ejection stream. This is a part of space unchartable to automated survey because of its complex structure and very likely will remain undocumented. Without sounding too severe and as parents we are concerned how this might affect you; you must consider the reality of sharing space with some other intelligence that is capable of deceptive communications and whose intentions are unknown. It is my deepest regret that we will not know each other and I cannot say enough how much I wish our lives could have been spent together.- Your Mother, Dayna Harmont, and your Father Edward Williams.

UMC BROADCAST *SA0001.21740801.001101*
MESSAGE SERIAL NUMBER: SA0001.21740801.001101.0T
CHECKSUM: *4e9de2f3cdbdefb4a42f833e947415af*


Unknown Radio Transmission(#):

"Patrick. What does it say?"

"It says Dayna and Ed are MIA and their commissions were retracted."

"What? Can you repeat that? There is microwave distortion everywhere down here."

"Dayna and Ed are MIA and Root has pulled their commissions. It was sent on broadcast and all UMC are prohibited from any rescue or com."

"Are you serious? Why did they do that?"

"It mentions the reproductive exclusion but that is really hard to believe. Sam, over?"

"I'm sorry I can't talk now I see smoke in the cargo hold."

"Should I come down?"

"No, I'll check it out. But keep an eye on my camera. Damn it Patrick this isn't good news."

"I agree. Let me know if you need some help."

"Will do."


Unknown Radio Transmission(#):

"Patrick. Patrick? Patrick!"

"I'm here. Taking a catnap. Whats going on?"

"Its going to be a while before I can get out of here. There was a fire in the coolant conduit housing that got out of control. These distributors are not holding up this is the third one now that failed."

"Samantha, if we can't maintain a power network we shouldn't be out here."

"I know. Look I just don't think the hardware can handle it. I am not getting the kind of output we usually see from other programs. Many of the relays are running beneath the loop threshold and we are just burning fuel at this point."

"No plasma, no robotics and we go home. You're positive the ore isn't contaminated?"

"Yes I'm positive, asshole! Its the goddamn motherfucking distributors listen to me what I'm talkin to ya boy distributors."

"Ok Red. Loud and clear. One more thing. Turn your camera on."

"Whoops. Can you see anything?"

"Now thats interesting. Heh. Looks like pubic hair."

"Think you can handle that when I get back?"

"I'll have to get out the rocksaw."

"33 Hertz please."

"Well that's a nice shift in the conversation now my helmet is all steamed up. Sam seriously don't push yourself. I can be down there in...42 hours."

"Absolutely not! I'm not going to miss this window Patrick. Just another 8 hours I promise. Lets talk again at 3600 ok?

"Thats fine. Talk in a bit.



UMC Field Survey Manual Chapter 6, Survival Intelligence
revision 2056-1f

There are x fundamental reasons remote space missions fail. By learning these challenges, their consequences, and their solutions; you may greatly increase the probability of success in completing individual assignments and your overall mission.

Challenge #1: Hardware Entropy
Solution: Phoenix
Space is a very harsh environment and all engineering is conducted on a downward facing slope of equipment erosion. All equipment will fail and malfunction after an unknown but experimentally determined duration called mean time before failure (MTBF). This challenge is called Hardware Entropy. Systems designed around this eroding equipment must include a minimum three fold redundancy and follow a strict replacement schedule. When the protocol of equipment replacement is not followed, mission failure is inevitable and expected. Mission objectives are conceived within operating limits to maximize success and opportunity for everyone involved. Since redundancy is employed at every level, elements must be allowed to fail completely so that operations continue without interruption and within an expected parameter envelope. All necessary parts and materials for fabrication and repair are provided with a UMC commission. The protocol of equipment replacement includes a specification for tool and part serial numbers, revisions, time stamping and wear estimation. To manage the replacement program, a ship system critical process (sscp) is provided called Phoenix that monitors and stores all related information about the integrity of equipment assets, generations and lifespan.

Challenge #2: Communications and Synchronicity
Solution: The Cronix
The outer earth environment traditionally called 'Space' is vast in dimensions and interferes with effective communications by eliminating frame sync between remote computer clocks. A clock syncronous procedure for broad spectrum frequencies is specified that is useful for a range of accelerations and deflections. The phase shift delay compensator algorithm used allows for automated corrections in red shifted data packets through relays and connected networks of trusted channels. This system is called The Cronix and hardware for Cronix Compliant Handshake including a licensed key is provided with every UMC commission. The Cronix is operated under the authority of the UMC-Earth Vested Administration Unit SA0001. Without reliable communications, mission failure is inevitable and expected.

Challenge #3: Data Warehousing and Simulation
Solution: Noah
As a surveyor your opportunity in space is with information. Your progress and penetration of unknown territory will proceed through alternating intervals of information recording and sample collection (Sensate Phase), and information processing during mass translation and metabolic hibernation (Sleep Phase). Your survival will depend on your collection practice and information management. A simulation framework called Noah is provided that intelligently forms a self healing simulation matrix from all collected items and data, even those retrospectively appended from semi-autonomous agents. Noah is designed to execute at the highest computing efficiencies possible to afford the most accurate history genesis and simulation indexing during Sleep Phase. Hardware for the Noah Simulation Framework is included with every UMC commission. Compensation bonuses are largely proportional to the viability of your Noah database to plan future missions.

Challenge #4: Power Distribution: Enercology
Solution: Harmonix
All jobs require energy while important jobs require power. The challenge of power delivery is essential to short, mid and long term survivability. In the short term, power is consumed to maintain a proper health envelope for human agency, and run the ship systems. In the mid term, power harvesting and storage is required for the assembly of robotic fleets, foundries and shipyards. In the long term, the refinement and sustainability of high energy products that support the lower levels allows a platform for which human colonization and expansion is possible. Without attaining the long term goal of sustainability and effective distribution, the protective human envelope is considered statistically volatile. The implementation of a sustainable power network is through carefully designed points of exhange where conversion is cheap and efficient. The hardware and data sets for Power Harmonix is included with every UMC commission.

Challenge #5: Human Envelope
Solution: Statix
The maintaince of the protective human envelope for outer earth specialists is a daunting task. Through painstaking analysis and research we have developed a program for self preservation called Statix. This virtual doctor is intimately informed of your unique genetics and physiology. Statix connects your physical self with a virtual counterpart that is used in logistical and tactical simulation runs. If necessary, Statix can be programmed to conduct medical procedures like surgery, physical therapy, or cybernetic augmentation. When in Sleep Phase, Statix keeps your metabolism in a dormant or hibernating state which slows the precession of the biological clock. Statix as a name comes from the Subject Tracking and Analysis Toolpack developed by the Center for Quantified Behavioural Studies, a computing unit of the United States Department of Punitions. Their groundbreaking work in automated prison management paved the way for research into long term space missions.

Challenge #6: Biological Imperatives
Solution: Reproductive Exclusions
All UMC commissioned or enlisted personnel are prohibited from engaging in reproductive behaviour. This is in accordance with the UMC-Earth Charter Addendum 28.4: Medical Guideline for Cybernetic Augmentation, and the limits of liability detailed in the UMC Commission Contract Appendix D. Those documents explain the legality of why reproduction in the outer earth environment is restricted. But there are many reasons rooted in Earth Culture and Science for such restrictions. The UMC is merely one corporation doing business in space. To maintain legitimacy and neutrality with the United Nations, our charter and license for business assumes compliance with all international laws for trade, war, and human rights. For a Surveyor, or anyone working on remote assignment, the mental and physical demands are so extreme that a natural birth is impossible and such an attempt considered reprehensible. Exhaustive psychological assessments are performed on commission candidates to determine compatibility for long term assignments. UMC will assume no responsibility in situations of duress that are a result of violating the reproductive exclusions. Several precedent setting incidents have demonstrated why the UMC can with impunity deny rescue to any party engaged in illegal reproduction.

Challenge #7: Systems and Mission Integrity
Solution: REAPER
The Remote Enlisted Adminstration and Policy Enforcement Registry describes the UMC tree of authority and is implemented at the hardware level of all UMC assests that possess a potential for simulation. Embedded in every ship subsystem, REAPER provides realtime monitoring and logging of all component relationships and prevents modification of software code and mission objectives. In the absence of a UMC Enlisted Officer on any assignment, REAPER exists to provide guidance and in the event of an emergency, may override ship controls and communications to protect UMC property and personnel.


"I swear I've made that trip up to Copper Shore and back again. Some 200 times? Thats like shit, 40 hours each way. How much of my life is that?"

"Its 333.33 repeat days."

"Thats almost a whole year of my life sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon YZ-4."

"Fucking Statix. Caloric Restriction."

"Yeah fucking Statix thats right. Keep a little life for yourself, you know.?

"You stay on the program, you come out ahead."

"Its hard to give up. Addicted to the program. Fucking slaves. What did we do thats so wrong. To deserve this?"

"We were born is whats wrong. Too many people. Nowhere to go...but out. It beats starving in a dome on Mars. I'll fuckin starve out here."

"You know all you have to do is exersize if you want more food. I agree, Mars was horrible."

"Remember when everyone thought that physicist had figured it out?"

"On Mars?"

"Yeah that whole period when everyone was having parties and talking about this guys research for space travel. And how it would usher in a new era. Completely fell apart and the scientist disappeared."

"Didn't he go insane?

"I think so. I knew someone who worked with him that said he was under alot of pressure."

"There were such high expectations. I would never want to be in a position like that with the UMC. Why did you bring him up?"

"Ah no reason really. Its just when I think of Mars, I think of how miserable it was and how everyones hopes were crushed when that project was cancelled. I met him once at a coffee shop toward the end I think."

"Really? You? What was he like?"

"He was quite disheveled and very paranoid. It didn't look like he was taking very good care of himself. He only stayed for a few hours."

"Did he say anything about the project?"

"Thats just it, you couldn't talk about it and of course thats everyones first question. He asked my friend if he could meet me because of my survey experience."

"Thats crazy! He was probably the most important person on Mars and he wanted to talk to you?"

"Tell me about it, he asked alot of questions about my experience. He had to leave so I gave him some quick noah exports to give him a taste. I felt a little embarrassed. He was so insistent I tell him everything and I wished I had more stories to tell."

"Do you think his questions were more than curiosity?"

"I always wondered about that. It didn't occur to me at the time because I was just blown away to meet him and I didn't know what would happen. He really wanted to know what it would be like. The lifestyle, the freedom."

"Well thats not surprising. We all want that and never get it."

"He wanted to know where to go to completely disappear. Go completely off the grid."

"Really. Thats certainly more than curiosity. Have you ever told anyone about this?"

"Hey Doll I'm telling you now."

"Where did you tell him to go?"

"Heh, he got sort of pissed when I told him."

"Yeah ok and where is that?"

"I told him to go nowhere. I told him to read the Survey Manual like its a prison contract and imagine how to solve each challenge without the UMC. I told him if he could do that he wouldn't have to go anywhere, but if he wanted to he could. He said if you were me and those things solved where would I go."

"God almightly will you get to the point Patrick."

"I told him Forrstein NES."

"And why in space would you do that?"

"Its fucking intense thats why!"

"Its not that intense."

"Well its at least interesting. Honestly most of the time surveyors are working on engineering projects, not cartography. And thats not anywhere interesting. Look at where we are. Is this where you want to spend your life?"

"You don't need to tell me. I'm down there more than you are."

"Do you see this texture in the soil?"


"Don't ever ever ever land on that."


"Because its not soil. Look at the density. What does that tell you?"

"Looks like I'm not sure. Some carbon and water?"

"Its a mixture of frozen carbon dioxide and water and some methane. I used to see this in the southern pole on Mars. Very unstable. The volatile exhaust from the substrate sublimation causes a soil percolation at the surface. After the winter cycle the percolating exhaust creates tubes. This is not a decent support structure for a landing vehicle. Burn the extra fuel if you have to, but find a stable mounting point. Don't rely on topology to select a landing site. There is much more under the surface of these structures than what you can see."

"But what if thats all you can land on for hundreds of kilometers?"

"Exactly. Thats why you have to follow the procedure to answer that question. But your analysis from Orbit should put you in the neighborhood."

"I just don't think I have an eye for gravitic density plots."

"It takes practice. If you look at alot of screens and then head down to verify them, you sort of see whats ahead of you for work. Take it easy on yourself and keep things simple. No need to get sideways dealing with accidents."

"Are you implying I am accident prone?"

"No I'm just saying there is no reason to be haphazard".

"Well Patrick I'm sorry I don't see anything here that will support a landing. Do we just give up?"

"Absolutely not. If the orbital scan doesn't find a site, then one of us has to go down and scout a location on foot using more proximal measurements."

"Are you serious? There's no guarantee you can get back."

"Hey this is what its sometimes like, Doll. You can't be sure your Falcon won't end up inverted, so you strike it out on foot. And hell or highwater you find a landing site if you want a ride back."

"That seems more risky to me than continuing to scan from orbit."

"Yeah Ok ask the UMC for better scanners."

UMC Survey Manual Chapter 6, Survival Intelligence -continued-
Your survival will depend on the operation and efficiency of the aforementioned ship subsystems:

Phoenix, Chronix, Noah, Harmonix, Statix, Reaper

Each subsystem is part of a class of software called SSA or shipside administration. SSA is hardcoded into shared processing units called cells. Each cell is comprised of an optical gate array, a full duplex wide spectrum branch uplink, and a phase differential amplifier. The hardware for the SSA Class Application Group is optically embedded and encrypted using the random thermal determination procedure during crystal condensation. Any attempt to dismantle the hardware for the purpose of modification or reverse engineering will result in a fundamental break in system integrity that cannot be repaired, but through replacement. In the event of a failure, the equipment is replaced from a UMC certified and Phoenix compliant source. Integrating SSA arrays is done through an image rebuild script, extracting projected gate vectors from imaginary lattices into real positions. Since this is not a tactically compatible procedure and absorbs all processing, the replacement regimen specifies that maintainence be limited to Sleep Phase and should preclude any expected failure.

{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 1 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 1 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 2 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 2 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 3 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 3 : now
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 4 : 3600
{plan_file} : (01,10,92) : Terrestrial Tube : Assembly Script : : 4 : now


Frodos Planetary Clock Reference V. IX.VV

Lincoln 50:52:64
Jackson 74:40:47
Wilson 85:56:81
Bush 51:85:67
Roosevelt 63:99:87
Nixon 68:25:80
Washington 14:10:100
Kennedy 41:93:43
Adams 39:76:82
Hoover 10:25:66
Carter 45:59:18
Harrison 66:50:59
Reagan 22:46:85
Clinton 30:20:58
Jefferson 26:74:35
Earth 23:56:00
Mars 24:37:00

Inmate Name:
Identification Number:
Date of Birth:
Jail Admission Date:
Jail Admission Time:
Charge/Offense Data:
Current Charge(s) or Offense(s):
Legal Status (pre-trial, sentenced, other):
Bail Amount:
Sentence Status:
Sentence Length:
Projected Release Date:
Severity of Offense Score:
Prior Convictions Score:
Total Classification Score:
Scored Classification Level:
Final Classification Level:
Date Classification Record Modified:
Classification Record Modified By:
Facility Location:
Housing Unit:
Cell Assignment:
Date of Transfer to Current Location:
Disciplinary Data:
Date and Time of Infraction or Incident:
Location of Incident:
Type of Infraction or Incident:
Officer Reporting the Incident:


"Is it recording?"

"Yes I think so. Hold a little higher? Ok lock that."

"Roger. Clamping Down. Confirm?"

"Yeah looks good. I'm trying the zoom now, and it seems to be working better."

"Is this the last one?"

"Checking. Yes I think that should do it. Systems nominal with 11 streams. Running the focus script and I'd say we're good to go."

"Finally. Lets get this over with."

"You coming in then?"

"No, I want to watch from out here."

"Any last words or a speech?"

"Well, just that I can't believe how long it took to get to this point and if this doesn't work I will take my goddamn helmet off."

"Make me drink your whiskey alone?"

"You stay away from my whiskey!"

"Ok then I will. How is the view?"

"Its not too bad. Ok I'm ready."

"Count us off then."

"3 2 1. Execute."

"Running Habitat Assembly Script. Transmitting now. Clients receiving. 75%. Job sent. How does power look?"

"Nothing yet. Wait, there is a flutter. Thank god. Its picking up now around 98%. Ok here we go its 84% Now 76. Cmon baby. 57% and falling."

"Whats the target?"

"Our target is 48% demand. That equates to the elastic limit of 20 Gpv. Ok 51% its slowing down. We have to hit that threshold."

"This is where we lost it last time."

"Thank you I know that. 50% and 49. Cmon."

"Still green light up here."

"Whoo hoo! We have 48%!"

"Ok they see it. Lots of chatter down there. Do you see any movement?"

"Yes I see some flashes. Ok here we go now. They are already welding Jesus Christ!"

"Seriously? Good going. Yeah so they are. Ok I can see the scouts on the plateau my friend. And here come the supplies."

"They made it up in less than a minute. Whoa, the power just dipped. Its down to 28% all of a sudden."

"Is that the good 28% or the bad 28%?"

"Its bad. Its not in the script. I'm checking now. Ok look at stream 5 on the big monitor."

"Roger. Oh shit! Something blew up! Zooming in, I see some scaffold is bent out weird. Do you know where that is?"

"Um yeah thats the utility yard and bot stable. The support structure looks ruptured."

"Should we abort?"

"No we can fix it before everything is finished and it shouldn't interfere with anything else"

"Roger that. Ok we are coming up on 3 minutes how does power look?"

"Its coming back up. In the thirties, ok 40, 42%. Its looking better now. We should be ok."

"We have explosive compressions coming up in T minus 20. Brace for the shockwave."

"Not much for a handle hold over here."

"Well grab something because its about 10 seconds now. I have the site recording on the monitor and all the bots are out."

"Let her RIP!"

"OK demolition charges set. Firing sequence initiated."

"I can hear it. Whoa now I can feel it. There's debris coming down the crater walls."

"Last sequence firing now. Ok that should be it for...30 minutes. Very Impressive so far."

"There's alot of dust up in the air but that should settle. Are all the cameras still recording?"

"Yes everything is recording, do you want to pause until we pick up in 29 minutes?"

"No might as well keep recording. I'm going to get a little closer and check out the stable."

"Hey you know you aren't supposed to do that while the script is running."

"Of course I know that. I wrote the script so I know that anything my size and density would be considered debris to be dismantled crushed and evacuated."

"Well keep your debris out of the work zone please!"

"Yes Sir! Ok I can see the strobes and running lights at the stable entrance."

"Hows your O2?"

"Seems ok. I'm at 40/20 now. If I take it easy and not talk too much I might have 10 minutes."

"Shit, Sam don't bother! I wish you were not out there."

"I'm walking under the stable roof. Everyone in their stalls? What's the time?"

"24 minutes left. Can you see anything wrong at the back?"

"Yes I can but its behind the drillbot lubricant delivery. The bots looks fine. I'm going to look around back."

"Be careful Sam."

"I'm leaving the bot stable. Coming around the Solar side. The back panels of the stable are ruptured. Looks blown out. Getting closer. Can you see my camera?"

"Yeah crystal clear. What the hell would do that?"

"Not sure. The explosion looks pretty focused."

"Come again did I hear focused?"

"Yes as in directed energy and could you do me a favor and start scanning the lower approaches with a spare camera or two?"

"Fucking hell we have a security issue?"

"Possibly. The lubricant housing is intact and still appears functional. Phoenix online."

"Phoenix here."

"Phoenix I am looking at the drillbot lubricant assembly. Do you recognize this equipment?"

"I have a partial match with the schematic for the anterior wall of the robot stable rev9, lubricant housing and assembly."

"Thats correct Phoenix, but the housing is compromised. Please document this exception and file a replacement request. I will now enter an area survey. This is a piece of the panel wall with scorching that suggests a blast signature. I will now swipe the scorch marks. I am placing swipe sample number 1 in the chemostat. Phoenix please analyze this sample."

"Phoenix is analyzing at chemostat client chem0. Phoenix has completed analyzing the sample."

"Please run a macromolecular search against materials and substrates sub folder defense."

"Phoenix has found 1 result."

"Please enumerate search results option title"

"Result number 1 match 97 percent Nitrocellulose Anthorphan UMC serial number 0100884.EXT"

"Please extend search to all material and substrates"

"Phoenix has 2 more results"

"Please enumerate search results option title"

"Result number 2 match 43.01 percent Sodium Bisulphite. Result number 3 match 2 percent pure carbon nanocrystal."

"Does your chemical profile match any known UMC equipment?"

"Phoenix has found a match with explosive charge detonator serial 07665003"

"Phoenix offline"


"Patrick, you there?"

"Yeah I'm here"

"Scratch the area search its from one of our own detonators. I'm on my way back now."

"Are you sure its one of our own detonators?"

"Yes, Phoenix found a match and..."

"Sam, I think we may have company out here. There is activity in a whole bunch of frequencies that chronix doesn't understand, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look pulse coded. Drop whatever you are doing and get your ass up here!"

"Look, there's no security issue, its probably a bug in the script. And, you are getting distortion in the mid bands because we need to calibrate the forward EM array."

"This is not midband distortion. Look we can argue about it up here with much greater efficiency, please?"

"Yes I'm coming. I'm in the falcon, sealing the hatch. How much time is left?"

"15 Minutes. Whats your O2 at?"

"Falcon secure. Well I have a minute or so to spare. Initiating launch."

"Please grab some O2 before taking off Sam."

"You are such a nag sometimes Patrick! I'm getting some now. Switching tanks. There now I have a whole hour."

"Make sure you convert your spare."

"Fuck off. Applying thrust now. 10,000 pounds, 12,000, 15,000 pounds. I should be there in...3 minutes 20."

"Just in time. Don't be late for the next phase."

"Ok fine then 18,000 pounds"

"Hey watch the fuel there."

"I hate this part. At least its not for hours on end like it usually is. Cutting back to 12 thousand. I feel like I'm 200 lbs."

"1 minute 10 seconds."

"Ok I'm coming into the hangar now. Reverse thrust 2 seconds. We're in you can close the door."

"Closing the door now. Door is closed, seal is confirmed. 30 seconds."

"Opening Falcon hatch. I'm out of the Falcon and crossing the hangar deck. I'm in the cooker. Opening the antiroom chamber door. Taking off my helmet."

"Welcome back, Darling! Initiating phase II of the habitat assembly script."

"Where is my whiskey?"